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CARDAN Road Cleaners has an extensive and versatile fleet of flushers, sweepers, hydro vac and water trucks to tackle any cleanup situation. This allows us the ability to assign the most appropriate equipment and utilize the best operational procedures for each specific job.

Our flushers have tanks ranging from 3,500 gal. to 4,800 gal. and we have a full range of sweepers including:

Hydro-Vac Truck

Our sweepers are equipped with blowers that enable the cleaning of curbs and the cooling of asphalt.

We also use water in our street sweepers to ensure we keep dust levels to a minimum.

Hydro-Vac Truck Hydro-Vac Truck Hydro-Vac Truck Hydro-Vac Truck

Our Hydro-Vac trucks apply high pressure water to loosen soil, rocks, clay, gravel and other earth based materials while continually vacuuming the debris into a tank for later disposal. Since this method is non-destructive and minimally evasive it is extremely safe and effective for many road cleaning uses including:

Hydro-Vac Truck Hydro-Vac Truck Hydro-Vac Truck

Our Hydro-Vac trucks are also equipped with boiler systems that allows excavation of frozen ground.

All of our vehicles have in-cabin control panels for sprayers and water cannons. Our trucks come with many nozzles, hoses, fast supply pumps and rugged terrain mobility. All of our trucks are equipped with long lay flat hoses to allow easy access for even the most difficult of locations. All our trucks are also licensed and commercially insured to meet ministry requirements.

CARDAN Road Cleaners utilizes commercial grade high pressure cleaning equipment that provides the highest level of service. Our machines are designed for heavy duty operations including emergency spills, heavy machinery clean-up and removal of graffiti and gum from the toughest surfaces including concrete.

Our equipment is capable of handling high volumes of heavy debris, such as asphalt grindings from road building construction projects. Our airport sweepers are capable of picking up stones 3" in diameter.

Modern state-of-the-art truck features:

Hydro-Vac Truck Water Truck

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