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  1. Road cleaning regulatory considerations?

    Road cleaning is mandated by municipal bylaws to ensure that roads, streets, highways and parking lots are kept clean and healthy.

    It is important that you are well educated with respect to all provincial and municipal laws, regulations and licenses required for road cleaning, safety, traffic and air quality . These rules are in a constant state of flux so you need to stay current.

    When requesting road cleaning bids make sure you provide contractors with wage requirements, insurance requirements, safety regulations, contractors' license requirements, provincial and municipal regulations (i.e. traffic, air quality etc.) and any other necessary information pertaining to the job.

    You also need to make sure that the road cleaner service has knowledgeable and experienced staff that is properly trained, licensed and certified. Also confirm that they have back-up equipment available in case of breakdown.

    CARDAN Road Cleaners has a fleet of road cleaners and are fully insured, WSIB registered and certified by the Ministry of Environment.

  2. Road cleaning safety considerations?

    Make sure any sweeper, flusher or other vehicle on your jobsite has proper safety equipment including flashing lights, flags, and slow-moving-vehicle triangles. Most of this equipment is required by regulatory authorities.

    You also need to provide your road cleaning service with the proper construction signage to warn traffic that there is a construction zone and equipment operating ahead.

    The safety and well-being of our customers, our employees and the general public is CARDAN Road Cleaners' primary concern. Our exemplary safety record speaks for itself and is proof that we are committed to accident free road cleaning operations.

  3. Road cleaning timing considerations?

    In order to save costs, and avoid issues with the MOL, and to maintain a positive relationship with the neighbors around your site it is recommended that you consider engaging a road cleaning services at the very onset of your project.

    It is also important that the road cleaner service be able to work at night when traffic is calmer.

    CARDAN Road Cleaners operate from 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Monday – Friday, and use water in our street sweepers to ensure we keep dust levels to a minimum.

  4. Road cleaning water supply considerations?

    If you are supplying the water for road cleaning you need to make the necessary arrangements with the local municipality for metered water as taking water from a hydrant or a meter without municipal permission is unlawful.

    CARDAN Road Cleaners can supply water if required.

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